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Is it that time of the year again, is it time to do your Tax Return


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We All ask these questions come Tax Time:

What happens if I earn more income ?
I have worked multiple Jobs will I get a refund ?
Do I need to put more away to pay my tax ?



What do I get with the EasyAs Income Tax Calculator ?

The program comes with two accounts, which means we cater for both individuals and couples, or partnerships (great for couples who split income for tax purposes)


Our Calculator will keep you in touch with your income tax liabilities.


We also provide you with a very quick "What If" Calculator that enables you to enter any amount of income and obtain a quick estimate of the amount of money left in your pocket after income tax..

With the "What If" Calculator you can also discover answers to questions like, What will happen if I make and extra $50 dollars a week?.... How much will I have in my pocket?... How much extra goes to the tax man ?...


We also provide you with a simple calculator which you can use to calculate your income tax on your income as you make it.

Lets say you just made an extra $250 on the weekend which is to be assessed as taxable income. Looking at your accumulated income to date, EasyAs informs you that you are now in the 30% income tax bracket, you can enter the $250 into the income tax calculator to find out how much you should take out for tax.


Income Tax Forecaster

As part of the program we also allow you Forecast Calculations, which will provide you with an estimate of future income.

If for example you are in month 2 of a new financial year, the forecast will advise you how much income you are likely to make for the whole year based on current trends and how much income tax you will possibly be liable for.

You will even be shown the income tax bracket you could end up in.... And also provide's you with an alternate average rate of tax that could assist you with staying in front of your liabilities.



Best of all, Most of these calculations are provided at the click of a button, all from the weekly information you already know... All you need to enter is the amounts you just made from wages, contracting, small business, part time, casual, commission etc.



Are you Sick of Paying Taxes ?

Most of us are, and most of us would prefer to pay less... There is not much we can do to help you except keeping you informed...


Take a few minutes out of your day and download and trial our software.


Spend another 15min and read the quick guide, which will show you how to get the most out of the software.


Whilst it is not necessary to read the guide to obtain your current likely tax liability, we want you to fully understand how the future forecasting works. By understanding how it works, you will be able to manipulate the amounts to vary your exposure depending on possible income scenarios.







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